•  I am very excited to embark on this new journey of Remote Learning 2.0 this fall. Together we will all succeed.

    I have been working with gifted students and programs for over fourteen years now, and I am very happy to say that I found my passion in life! I have taught gifted classes, created curriculum, and even coordinated a middle school program in the past with six middle schools. I was involved for many years with the Illinois Association of Gifted Children as a committee and board member. At AUGS I will be working with students during their Success Classes, and helping raise the bar for our honor's classes, so that our gifted students will truly be challenged and ready to take on AP classes in high school.

    For our 6th grade Success Classes my students will be working on Project Based Learning - Personalized Learning projects that will allow them to follow a passion in depth this year. 7th and 8th graders will be finalizing their projects during Trimester 1, and getting ready to tackle a new real world issue during trimester 2 and 3. Each grade level will be challenged by a different level of curriculum, while learning to really think about the world around them. As our honors classes are challenging our students at AUGS, there will still also be time to make-up work, assessments, and to get extra help from other teachers during our class, as this is important to my students. We will also spend time learning about social emotional issues that are unique to gifted students, and working on thinking deeper and engaging our critical thinking skill.


    We know there will be challenges, but together we will get through this new adventure of Remote Learning 2.0!



    Welcome Letter!