• Antioch CCSD 34 presented an Equity Action Plan on June 15, 2021 to the Board of Education.  That Equity Action Plan can be found here.  


    Policy 7:12, Racial and Educational Equitywas adopted by the Board of Education on April 20, 2021 and can be found here.  An excerpt from this policy reads:

    Antioch Community Consolidated School District 34 (Antioch CCSD 34) provides a dynamic, supportive learning environment that cultivates knowledge, skills, and character and strives for equity and excellence for all students.  Antioch CCSD 34 values the racial, ethic, and other diversity of its students and recognizes that an educational environment in which diversity is respected and valued contributes to successful educational outcomes for all students.  Antioch CCSD 34 also acknowledges that complex societal and historical factors, such as racism, contribute to inequities in our society.  Instructional racism, cultural biases, and other societal factors can negatively impact a student's sense of belonging and contribute to inequitable opportunity gaps as well as disparities in achievement between students of different races.  Antioch CCSD 34 aims to combat such concerns and provide all students the support and opportunity they need to succeed.  This policy aims to address the systemic barries to equity and access that disproportionately affect our students of color, who have experienced marginalizationn as shown through our historical data, and to take into account how race plays out in our daily lives, and in our education system.