Welcome AES Volunteers!

  • One of the great things about living in a small town like Antioch, is the strong sense of community.  We go through this life together, caring, trusting, accepting, and nurturing.  Now, you can help us pave the way for tomorrow's citizens.  Be an active part of our community at AES.  Be a volunteer.

    By Volunteering you:
    • allow paid staff to focus their efforts on education
    • establish stronger relations with teachers
    • help kids learn
    • gain a feeling of accomplishment & community involvement
    • make your child smile by seeing them at school
    Are you looking to:
    • develop a new skill?
    • use your untapped talents?
    • make new friends?
    • give back to your community?
    • make a connection?
    • enhance your resume?
    Need another reason?  Research is clear - kids at schools with a broad base of involved parents perform markedly better on all kinds of key school measures.

    Here's how you can make a difference:
    • Complete the Just 2 Hours form (found on the Documents page) and return it to school with your child.
    • View our Help Wanted ads and sign up for a specific job.
    • When someone from the school calls or emails looking for help, say yes!

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