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AUGS Clubs

Clubs that are scheduled for each school year.

(updated 12/04/2023)

Battle of the Books 

6-8th grades work together in teams to read books from this year’s Rebecca Caudill Young Readers Award Program hosted by the state of Illinois. Each team participates in book battles and points are awarded based on book knowledge and the title and author.

Informational presentation

Sponsors: Mrs. Bendall abendall@antioch34.com and Ms. Bunge cbunge@antioch34.com

Camp Timber-Lee-(October 2022)

Camp Timber-Lee is an outdoor Education Experience that is offered to 8th grade students in the fall. Students participate in an overnight trip that has its days filled with activities. The activities are a collection of Physical Challenges, Science, Art, Music, Acting/Performance, Nature, Crafts, Team Development, Personal development, and Self-reflection. The students that attend the trip are taught the 5 C’s of Teamwork (Cooperation, Communication, Commitment, Caring, and Challenge). When the trip is complete, the students form a lasting impression of the experience that goes way beyond their years in school. They also develop a great sense of binding with each other and their teachers. Students participate in Archery, Rock Wall Climbing, Zip Lining, Leather Craft, Team Building, Art Projects, Wilderness Survival Activities, Animal Encounters with local and foreign animals, Skit performances, Campfires and Campfire Songs, Hikes that allow them to explore both during the daylight and at night, star gazing, and fun and games. They stay in small groups through most activities and have some large group activities for things like the hikes and campfire. Camp Timber-Lee has been a tradition for over 40 years at AUGS.

Sponsor: Mr. Godsey cgodsey@antioch34.com and other teachers from AUGS during the trip.

Drama Club 

The AUGS Drama Club performs a fall and spring play within the school year. The AUGS Drama Club includes actors and a stage crew. Those interested in performing in either the fall and/or spring plays are expected to perform a monologue audition which will determine which student will be suited for a specific role within the chosen play. Stage Crew will be responsible for lighting, music, sound effects, and creating/designing a set. Stage Crew is responsible to fill out an application;  the number of students chosen will be based on the needs of the play. A parent meeting is scheduled for the first week of practice to discuss expectations. Drama Club will meet two (2) to three (3) times per week with increased meeting times during the week of performances. Drama Club is a place to try new things, be yourself, be creative and have fun!

In order to sign up for play auditions or to be part of the stage crew, please CLICK HERE to go to Ms. Clark's website.  When there you will need to click on the Drama Club tab. For auditioning, please pick a date and time you would like to audition and schedule it in the Google Calendar.  There will be a link to find a copy of the monologue choices to use for the audition process. For stage crew please fill out the google form.

Please contact us with any questions.

Sponsors: Ms. Stetkus mstetkus@antioch34.com 

 and Ms. Clark jclark@antioch34.com 

Game Club

Antioch Upper Grade School Game club is offered after school.   Students can sign up that day and stay to play board games.  It is open to all students who show an interest in games.   Students sign up for the days they can make it. The focus is meeting others and having FUN.

We will utilize Google Classroom to disseminate information:  

See Ms Guanci for the code aguanci@antioch34.com 

Humanitarian Society

The AUGS Humanitarian Society is a newly developed group that is made for AUGS Students that want to improve the “climate” of our school, our school district and our community by sharing ideas of hope, service, commitment, and positivity. Students that participate in AHS will meet and discuss topics that will improve the culture and overall feelings others have in the community we live in. Students will develop “service projects” to help foster a more caring, sharing and productive environment. (These may range from community clean-ups, to volunteering at Feed my Starving Children/Northern Illinois Food Bank, to even designing something that provides a positive message to their peers). Students that participate in this group will earn “credit” toward achieving the “Distinguished Warrior” designation by the time they graduate from AUGS. This award has requirements of being part of an AUGS extracurricular group/sport and a service hour stipulation. Students that participate in AHS will develop skills in communication, cooperation, critical thinking, making connections, as well as building confidence and character in themself. It will also help students gain a sense of community, caring for others, and charity.

The meetings are typically a mixture of some before school (6:30 am) and some after-school meeting times. There are service project hours that may be offered during weekend dates and scheduled days off (1 day holidays). 

Google Classroom code: 2nfbct5

Sponsors: Ms. Dona Tindell dtindell@antioch34.com and Mrs. Halvorsen shalvorsen@antioch34.com

National Junior Honor Society (Active)

The purpose of the National Junior Honor Society shall be to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, to develop character, and to encourage good citizenship in students. This is a service club.

Students that are eligible and invited to be in NJHS  are in 7th or 8th Grade and have a grade point average of 3.8 or above in the 1st trimester of the current school year.  Students must also maintain a 3.5 cumulative grade point average to remain as a member in “good standing.”  Application does not guarantee acceptance into the society.  The applications will be reviewed by a faculty council which does not include the NJHS advisor.  After the first trimester grades have been posted, the application will be available on the NJHS website.  Once accepted, there will be an induction ceremony in January.

Sponsor: Mrs. Amy Guanci aguanci@antioch34.com 

Click here for the NJHS website

Robotics Club (Active)

Robotics club is a learning club that involves students building and coding small EV3 and Nxt robots.  It is sponsored by the school and the Lake County 4-H program.  Students meet and plan once a week. In the spring, there is a competition where the student’s robots must be coded to do specific challenges.

Practices are held on Tuesdays after school till 4:30/5. Competition is mandatory and in March/ April TBA.  Students joining in Oct.  

(Eligibility): Motivated 6th, 7th, and 8th graders in good academic standing.

Sponsor: Mrs. Guanci


Scholastic Bowl 

Scholastic Bowl is a competition very similar to a "Team Jeopardy." Talented students participate in a quiz competition including questions in Math, Science, History, Literature, Sports, Geography, Economics, Music, Pop-Culture, and Current Events. Like other IESA activities, there is a Regional, Sectional, and State Competition. Scholastic Bowl meets are competitive, friendly, fun, and AUGS is in it to win!

Informational meetings will take place in late November

Practices will start in December

Competitions begin in January and run until May

(Eligibility): Motivated 6th, 7th, and 8th graders in good academic standing

Sponsors: Mrs. Bunge and Mrs. Gutke



Science Olympiad (Check back for updates)

For the past 30 years, Science Olympiad has been a national, non-profit organization that provides a great opportunity for students to learn about various STEM disciplines in a problem solving and construction format. Students meet once a week plus some Saturdays starting at the end of October to prepare for off-site competition(s) held in February and March.

Students in Science Olympiad work and prepare for a Regional competition in 23 events. A team is limited to 15 members, but we can have a Varsity and a JV team if needed. Students on the SO team need to participate and prepare for more than one event. Some team members may participate in more events than others. Students that are interested in participation will be able to sign up ASAP. 

Practices will begin in November. Some meetings will take place on Saturdays. We will try to have regular meetings for practice on Thursdays for 2 hours after school. The competition is in March. Students should be interested in Science and should be able to work independently to prepare for the events. Coaches will be able to help and guide members with the events. Parents are also encouraged to help. Events range from taking a test or science practical to designing and building a project.

Membership dates: November to March (Regionals), into April if we qualify for State, and into May if we are invited to the National Competition.

Meeting dates: Thursdays and Saturdays

Eligibility: Students who maintain a “C” average or above and have an aptitude for STEM, Math and Science. 

National Website: https://www.soinc.org/

State Website: https://www.illinoisolympiad.org/ 

Sponsors: Mr. Struss wstruss@antioch34.com and Mrs. Mallin pmallin@antioch34.com

Ski/Snowboard Club 

Ski/Snowboard Club resumes for the 27th year at AUGS. The club travels to Wilmot Mountain after school once a week for 3 or 5 sessions beginning January 16th. Students will begin registering for the club in November. 

All the packages will include the following for each trip: 

  1. Ski resort area lift ticket 

  2. Full rental equipment (ski/board, boots & poles) 

  3. Ski/Board lessons by professional instructors (optional) 

  4. Adult chaperone supervision in addition to the National Ski Patrol supervision 

  5. Round trip transportation (school bus) 

Click here for a copy of the registration packet. It is first come, first served for those who complete the packet, get a parent signature, and have their check turned in to the front office for Mrs. Birkenbach to pick up. 

Sponsor: Mrs. Birkenbach - dbirkenbach@antioch34.com  and Mr. Wieda - mwieda@antioch34.com 

Union Club

Uniting Through Diversity


The Diversity Club is open to all AUGS students who show an interest in understanding others from different backgrounds. This inclusive club thrives on, AND embraces ALL students from a range of cultural/ethnic and social environments. The 2021-2022 year will focus on: HAVING FUN and enjoying the company of others while improving our awareness of the social constructs that unite us, divide us and empower us. Please join us as we make a positive impact on our community and on the lives of all of you, our members!

  • We’ll meet Tuesdays from 2:50 to 4:00.

  1. We will utilize Google Classroom to disseminate information: 


Code: :qrnjxrh

  1. A Google-form sign-up form has been created for students and parents, it is located on the Google Classroom.


Parents: If you are interested in being a guest-speaker, or would like to join or visit our group, please contact Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Sammons

Sponsors:  Mrs. Johnson tjohnson@antioch34.com and Mrs. Sammons dsammons@antioch34.com 

AUGS Student Council

The Student Council at Antioch Upper Grade School offers students an avenue to contribute to their school. AUGS Student Council also offers students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills. Community involvement and service are very important facets of Student Council. Another facet is to communicate with all students to inform them about school activities. Student Council also sponsors several school dances which are key social events at Antioch Upper Grade School and are excited to partner with the AUGS Boosters on some of those activities. Student Council is open to all students at Antioch Upper Grade School who are willing to contribute in a positive way. Applications were made available at the beginning of the year and that process is now complete. 

Eligibility: Motivated 6th, 7th, and 8th graders who maintain a “C” average or above and complete the application process

Meetings: Thursdays from 2:45-4:30pm in the AUGS Library (specific dates listed in Google Classroom)

Sponsors: Mrs. Birkenbach dbirkenbach and Mrs. Rassmussen jrasmussen@antioch34.com

Click here for the Student Council Website

Yearbook Club (Active)

The Yearbook Club allows students an opportunity to take part in making our school yearbook by capturing life long memories for all AUGS students.  All students can participate in taking photos of sports, clubs, plays, assemblies, and various events at AUGS. For the 2022 school year, responsibilities for Yearbook Club may change but student involvement is still essential. Announcements will be made throughout the school year for student help for individual events. Yearbook is not a year long commitment, but rather a commitment to each event.  

Sponsors: Ms. Schulz aschulz@antioch34.com Ms.Hoos choos@antioch34.com 

AUGS yearbook email: augsyearbook@antioch34.com

Click here for the Yearbook Website

Student Initiated Clubs
Clubs that students organize. These clubs may not repeat each year. 

DnD Club - Mr. Johnson - mjohnson@antioch34.com 

Gaming Club - Mrs. Guanci - aguanci@antioch34.com

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