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Class times and Google Classroom codes: 

  • Bell 1st Hour/ 7th Grade 7:30-8:00 Google Classroom Code:  5wlytz
  • Bell 2nd hour/8th Grade 8:05-8:35 Google Classroom Code:  dx7upxw
  • Bell 3rd Hour/6th grade 8:40-9:10 Google Classroom Code:  2zgie5
  • Bell 4th Hour/7th Grade 9:15-9:45 Google Classroom Code:  7shpxma
  • Bell 5th Hour/7th Grade Success 9:50-10:20 Google Classroom Code: jwtx4tr
  • Bell 7th hour/8th Grade 11:00-11:30  Google Classroom Code:  5fz3zsg

Please click here to read an Informational Parent Letter from me!

Parents and Students: Please contact me at anytime by emailing (it's the best way):

  • I welcome questions, concerns, and/or any information that I need to know in order to ensure that all students achieve many successes throughout this school year and beyond.
  • What I do (I do what I am passionate about):  I work with students from all teams in grades 6th, 7th and 8th that qualify for my services using the protocols outlined in our district's MTSS (Multi-Tiered Systems of Support). For further information regarding our district's MTSS process, please click on the following: MTSS Parent Guidebook. I am excited to work with families to help all students meet and exceed their learning potential.