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    A little about myself...

    I have been a special education teacher for the past 25 years. This is my 17th year at AUGS. I currently teach at the 7th grade level, but "loop" with the students on my caseload. I am with my students for their 3 years at AUGS. I will be with my current group through 8th grade. I currently teach: Instructional Math, Co-taught Math, Co-taught ELA, Reading Resource and Math Resource. I am on the  district's Autism Task Force and serve as a resource for colleagues who work with students with ASD. I work with students with all disabilities and love my job! I am married and my husband's name is Matt. My son, Danny, is 29 years old and works as the director of Ascend and Digital Bootcamp in Downtown Chicago. Danny spent his school age years in our district (Petty and AUGS) and Antioch High School. He credits his knowledge and skills to the amazing teachers he had in Antioch :) 

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