• Hello!  I will be using OTUS and my Remote Learning Page to communicate with students and to share materials. Please contact me via e-mail if you have questions.


    Week of 3/30 - 4/3

    Go to OTUS, select lessons, and open the lesson for this week.  Please complete the activities in order.  Some will only be accessible to you on the day they are assigned. 




    What should I be doing this week?

    1) Go to OTUS, read my blog posts and add some comments

    2) Play ANY of the math apps on your iPad

    3) Prodigy

    4) Games and puzzles - board games, real puzzles, virtual puzzles (if you have never done the Tower of Hanoi puzzle I highly recommend it)


    3/18 Games/Puzzles of the day -  use the link below and give some a try. Leave a comment on my Blog post!


    3/19 Today I have a Ted Ed vidoe puzzle for you.  PLEASE go to OTUS and leave a comment on my blog post to let me know how you did.  If you find another video puzzle or brainteaser that you like, please share it!

    Ted Ed puzzle


    Maths is Fun Puzzles page