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    Welcome to
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    I am so excited to DO Science with the students!
    I am Tiffany Hudson and this will be my 7th year teaching at AUGS. In my time here, I have taught 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Science, Computers, and even a Drama class! This will be my 6th year teaching Science, and my 2nd year with 6th graders. Teaching 6th grade is such a fun experience! I am always so impressed with 6th graders' work ethic and ease to transition into middle school. 
    I am the co-head of our school's Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) team, a member of the Building Leadership Team (BLT), the district Science committee, and the district Science curriulum pilot committee (we will be fully implementing our new curriculum, Amplify-this year, in all Science classes across the district). Amplify is a program and curriculum that I was able to pilot for a full year. I am passionate about its real-world relevance, engaging and motivating lessons and activities, and most of all-by the growth the students made during their learning expriences throughout this past school year. 
    My philosophy of teaching Science is that learning should be of student interest, engaging, real-world relevant, and hands-on! I like to work to make students well aware that they are constantly surrounded by Science.
    I am married and my husband and I are expecting our first child, due in November 2019! We are excited to welcome our little one into the world. We reside in Grayslake, IL.
    I look forward to getting to know all of the students, and working with you to encourage them to achieve success in all areas.  I care about their Science grade, but I care most about them, them being kind to each other, and building confidence in themselves.  
    It's going to be a great year!

    Please do not hesitate to email or call me with any questions or concerns.
    Classroom Phone: 847-838-8426 (you will not be able to reach me here from 7:30am-2:43pm).
    Email: (preferred)
    If there is an emergency, please call the office (847-838-8301)
    MAJOR announcements will be written in this section. 
    6th Grade Mission Statement:

     We are the 6th grade Warriors.

    We will RESPECT and INSPIRE others.

    We will challenge ourselves

    and work hard

    to achieve personal excellence.

    We will never give up and

    we will always be warriors!

  • Hello!

    In this section you will see a few things.  Each day, I share what we did that day, any homework we have (can also be found on the 6th knight's team hw page), and any attachments for homework.  Please check my website EACH DAY, absent or not!

    Everything you need is on THIS page!  Just keep SCROLLING down for older information.  NEWEST information is at the top (Just below this).  HOMEWORK that is newly assigned will be bolded in RED. Older homework will be bolded in PURPLE.

    Thursday 9/19/19:  Today and tomorrow each class will watch part of a Cosmos video about how the "small things matter", which is our mission to prove, to The Human Microbiome Institute, and we will also complete lesson 2.2 and begin lesson 2.3.


    Wednesday 9/18/19:  Today we had an assembly that took up all of 1st period and most of 2nd period. We then taught Second Step lessons in all core classes. We had our regular success and encore classes (periods 3, 4, and 8).


    Tuesday 9/17/19:  Today we had NWEA testing and Second Step.  We did not meet as a Science class.  We will also have an assembly and Second Step tomorrow (Wednesday) and will not meet for Science until Thursday. 


    Monday 9/16/19:  Today we began Amplify MB 2.2.  We are beginning to look at the case study of patient 23.  We are analyzing and evaluating information about this patient to determine the changes in their gut microbiome before, during, and after a fecal transplant.  We are still trying to prove to Senator Naismith, that the "small things really do matter"! We stopped after part 3 and will continue on Thursday.

    HOMEWORK: NONE (1st-6th period)

    2.1 part 5 (7th period)

    Friday 9/13/19:  Today we completed lesson 2.1 in Active Reading.  We reaqd and discussed an article about the human micrbiome.  We began lesson 2.2, where we will be investigating a case study of a patient who may benefit from a fecal transplant.

    HOMEWORK: 2.1 part 5

    Amplify MB 2.1

    Thursday 9/12/19:  Today we had NWEA testing and Second Step, and no actual classwork.

    HOWEWORK: Any and all late work!

    Wednesday 9/11/19:

    Today we began chapter 2 of our Micrbiomes unit.  In Chapter two we will conduct reserach and investigations to answer the question: "How can fecal transplants cure patients infected with harmful bacteria?"

    HOMEWORK: Amplify MB 2.1 part 3-ADD 5 momre annotations (in addition to what you've copied from me) Annotations must go all the way to the bottom (more than 5 is okay)

    The lesson and the article are attached below.

    MB 2.1

    Article: The Human Microbiome-A World Inside You

    Tuesday 9/10/19:  Today we created a classroom newsletter to refelct what we've been learning about in Science.  You can print the assignment below to make it up, or get one from me in class.  You ALSO need the checklist, for directions on how to complete the newsletter.  BOTH must be turned in.


    Class newsletter and checklist, click below. (NOT 7th period)

    Science Newsletter

    Newsletter Checklist

    Monday 9/9/19:  Today we started AND completed Amplify MB 1.3.  We compared sizes of cells and molecules.

    HOMEWORK: Amplify MB 1.3 part 5

    MB 1.3

    7th period: Amplify 1.2 parts 4 and 5 (5 has two parts!)

    Friday 9/6/19:  Today we checked in our homework and went over some of it.  If you were absent or did not complete it, DO THAT NOW! We also discussed the importance of checking PowerSchool, how to turn in late work on Amplify, and practiced visiting my teacher webpage.


    Thursday 9/5/19: Today we worked on Amplify MB 1.2 parts 3, 4, and 5.

    (Period 7 did not get past part 3)


    Amplify 1.2 Parts 3, 4, and 5 (two parts) 

    Part 3: Scale model drawing: Scale Drawing Directions and Checklist 

    Part 4: Reflection

    Part 5: TWO PARTS, must complete both parts!

            Part 1: fill in table using scale tool.

            Part 2: Read article and answer all 3 ?'s.

    PRESS HAND IN ON PARTS 4 AND 5! Or they are late!

    Here are the paper copies of 1.2 and the artcle for part 5 (part 2 of part 5)


    Cells Article

    Wednesday 9/4/19: Today we finished watching the video about the human Microbiome.  Very interesting and pretty gross! I have attached the video here if you'd like to view it again.

    Tuesday 9/3/19:  Today most classes started MB 1.2.  We did not complete this lesson and will finish it tomorrow. We began to investigate the question, "How do microscopic things vary in size?".

    HOMEWORK: NONE, but FEEL FREE to work on your scaled microorganism drawings! They will not be due until Thursday.

    Friday 8/30/19: Today most classes completed Amplify Microbiomes Lesson 1.1.  We are investigating the idea of scale, through sorting activities and the scale tool.

    HOMEWORK: Amplify MB 1.1 Part 7 HW (due Tuesday 9/3).

    You can access this from any device with internet, here is the paper copy if that is not an option.

    (Go to last page, "Homework-Reflecting about Microorganisms) Click on link.

    Amplify MB 1.1 HW

    Thursday 8/29/19:  Today we worked on Amplify:Microbiomes, Chapter 1, Lessonn 1.1.  WE only got about as far as part 4 out of 7, and this varied per class. Part 7 will be homework, but we will wor on it in clas, tomorrow. 


    Wednesday 8/28/19:  Today we began our Science launch unit on Microbiomes.  it was VERY interesting! We discussed the definitions of Micrbiome, Microorganisms, and scale.  We looked at enlarged and zoomed in pictures of things like eyelashes, hair, and blood cells. 


    Tuesday 8/27/19:  Today we finished our scavenger hunt/stations partner activity.  We reviewed the information and held a raffle.

    HOMEWORK: Stations checklist

    Monday 8/26/19:  Today we began our day by meeting as a grade level and taking an oath to the 6th grade mission statement we collectively created.  In Science class, we got about halfway through ouor partner, stations activity-in which we visit 21 stations around the room to learn the procedures and expectations of these areas of the classroom. We will finish tomorrow and have a quick review, and a raffle!

    HOMEWORK: Students received a letter for parents to read and return the bottom signed portion.  I have attached it here if you lose it.  DUE FRIDAY!

    Parent letter-SIGN and RETURN bottom portion

    Friday 8/23/19: Today we finished our classroom expectations review and held our raffle for the classes who weren't able to do so, yesterday.  If you missed this presentation, I have attached it, here: Expectations Presentation

    All but one class practiced logging into the Amplify Science curriculum which you can access at home, too! We will begin Amplify Science, hopefully Wednesday of next week. 

    Lastly, we all began our "All About Me" posters.  If you forgot to bring it home or lost yours, I have attached them below.


    All About Me Poster


    1. Must have first and last name written

    2. I need to be able to read your handwriting

    3. You must fill out the whole page, try not to leave anything blank

    4. You must use SOME color

    Here are the posters:

    All About Me Basic

    All About Me with Art Boxes (just one page)

    All About Me Boxes (no art)

    All About Me (Instagram)

    All About Me (Emojis)

    All About Me (two-pages) 1

    All About Me (two pages) 2


    Thursday 8/22/19:  Today we continued our classroom expectations disucssion and held our raffle during the review! 6th and 7th period are still finishing this up. 

    HOMEWORK: Three pencils (or 1 mechanical) due to Mrs Hudson by tomorrow


    Wednesday 8/21/19: Today we started to review science class expectations.  Tomorrow we will finish this and have a review, where we can earn raffle prizes!


    • Nametag (due Thursday 8/22)
    • Donate 3 pencils (By Friday 8/23)


    Tuesday 8/20/19: Today we viewed a PowerPoint and learned all about Mrs. Hudson!


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