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    Welcome to Mrs. Schoenfelder's 8th Grade

     English Language Arts Class

  • HI!  It's been a long time since we've been in Room 107!  :(.   Here are a few helpful links:


    * This link explains how you can check out an ebook or audio book.  It's a short video with clearly explained directions:


    *This link explains how you can get other ebooks/audiobooks for free:


    *The Antioch Public library is offering free online library cards, which will allow you to check out ebooks and audiobooks from the APL:



    *If you ever have questions, please email me!  I will be happy to answer your questions:








    Eighth grade is an exciting year and I am happy to be sharing this year with you. I am Mrs. Schoenfelder and this will be my 28th year teaching at AUGS.  Mr. Schoenfelder and I have three kids: a daughter Erin who now teaches in Woodstock, a son Patrick who is in college, and a son Niall who is a senior in high school.  We also have two cats and a crazy dog named Cubby. I love spending time with my family.  I also love to read and write.   Throughout this year we will be working on improving our reading and writing skills, working on our study skills, and preparing for high school.   

         You can find a weekly update on my Language Arts Class page or Honors Language Arts Class page.  

         The best way to reach me is through email.  My email address is: