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  • Directions for google classroom from district PROJECT LEAD THE WAY:  Google classroom codes for Ms Guanci's google classroom are below.  Please have your child set up signing in as these links will be deleted soon for security. In the google classes are links to Remote Video Learning.

    Period 1 Medical Detectives- Remote 2.0 2020     Code: oeweyfq  

    Period 3 Design and Modeling Remote 2.0        Code: hdc67hy  
    Period 4 Medical Detectives Remote 2.0    Code: powlcq4  

    Period 6 Success  Remote 2.0      Code: dkyi77c    

    Period 7 Flight and Space Remote 2.0      Code: 7nblgp4
    Period 8 Design and Modeling class  Code: g50fnjg
    Period 8 Design and Modeling Class       Code: g50fnjg 
     OFFICE HOURS   1:15 to 2:15

    Please email me for office hours as the zoom link can not be posted on the website for security reasons.




    Welcome to my classroom website!   Students have the most current access to PLTW class information/ rubrics/ assignments through my google classroom websites and in their book. ( Project Lead the Way curriuculum items can not be posted online due to copywrite law). 


    This site has general information about Project Lead the Way but students have videos, rubrics, and learning information at google classroom site. Students have the username and password for pltw site and can see lessons, powerpoints, watch videos and check information there. This website is more for contact information and PLTW overview. Please check both sites out.


    Grading for PLTW follows AUGS grading policy of 20% practice, 40% Formative and 40% Summative.  Please see AUGS grading policy for details.  Homework will be posted for my PLTW class ONLY on the google classroom sites. My class introductions are also there. My google classroom sites are kept up to date and run well so I put most everything on them to not confuse the students with multiple sites. 



    Remote MS Guanci Schedule

    7:20 - 7:30


    7:30 - 8:00 

    Period 1 Medical Detectives 7th grade

    8:05 - 8:35

    Period 2 Prep Period

    8:40 - 9:10

    Period 3 Design and Modeling 6th grade

    9:15 - 9:45

    Period 4  Medical Detectives 7th grade

    9:50 - 10:20

    Period 5 

    10:25 - 10:55

    Period 6 Success class with 8th grade

    11:00 - 11:30

    Period 7 Flight and Space 8th grade

    11:35 - 12:05

    Period 8 Design and Modeling 6th grade

    12:10 - 1:10


    1:15 - 2:15

    Extra Support/Teacher office hours 

    2:15 - 2:50

    Teacher team time (non-student time)


    Email me at if you have any questions.


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Phone: 8156751087


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Teach STEM classes currently.  Have taught K-5 for several years.  Background in Gifted Education, Language Arts, and Biology.  Trained in PLTW at MSOE and University of IL.