Ms. P-L's 7th Grade Language Arts

  • Welcome to 7th Grade Language Arts!

    Hello! My name is Ms. Paprock-Landon, but almost everyone calls me Ms. P-L. I know that this summer was not like previous summers, but I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing summer. This summer was especially different for me; my husband and I drove to Virginia to adopt our little baby girl Zoey! She is at the stage where she is smiling and cooing, which has been really fun. This summer I spent time with my two dogs, a ten-year-old Morkie named Wicket and an eight-year-old Havanese mix named Miley. They always keep me on my toes with their craziness.  

     I am looking forward to meeting all of you and having a great school year, and I hope you are too.  This is my eleventh year at AUGS.  Previously, I taught Freshman English on Chicago's West side, and I have also taught 6th grade Language Arts on Chicago's North side.  

    Last year, the 7th grade teachers piloted two potential curriculums, and I was part of that pilot. Based on the feedback from teachers, students, and parents, StudySync was selected as the curriculum for the next few years. It is an online based program, but there are workbooks that all students will have access to as well as a novel for each trimester. I'm really looking forward to using this curriculum for the entire year rather than just two semesters! 

    This website is a work in progress, so I hope you will check in frequently to see what is new.