• Hello Parents and welcome to the 2020-2021 school year where we will be starting with Remote Learning. Please see the calendar below for Remote Learning plans, activities and assignments. Thank you for assisting in your child’s remote learning experience during this difficult time. Feel free to email me at satkinson@antioch34.com if you have any questions during this remote learning experience. Please begin familiarize yourselves with Google Classroom and Zoom as that is what we will be using. Both platforms should be an app that is already downloaded on your child’s IPad. Below are the class codes for your child to use to enter my Google Classroom. Please make sure you use the correct period when entering the class code. I will be creating a daily zoom meeting for each period. I will post the link for each period in Google Classroom. Once your child enters my Google Classroom, they will have access to materials and the link to our daily zoom meeting. If you need assistance joining google classroom, please scroll down and you will see a link that will display a picture showing you how to join using a class code. We will be starting the year off discussing our Health topics. There is a link below that will display a presentation informing your of all of the topics begin discuss during this time, as well as how the students will be graded as well.


    Google Classroom Codes

    *Make sure you join Google Classroom from your school issued IPad.


    2nd Period - kq7z3cp

    Click Here to Join 2nd Period PE/Health

    3rd Period - yutaona

    Click Here to Join 3rd Period PE/Health

    6th Period - 7ig5zp5

    Click Here to Join 6th Period PE/Health

    7th Period - 77iyu42

    Click Here to Join 7th Period PE/Health

    8th Period - q6wui5r

    Click Here to Join 8th Period PE/Health