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    A little bit about 7th grade Social Studies: 

    This year, we're going to memorize all of the names, dates and places related to early U.S. History... Just kidding! This year is about early U.S. History -- Explorers, Colonies, the Revolution and the Constitution; but you are going to learn how to do what historians do. Historians don't learn from history books - they look at artifacts & original documents, they compare stories, and decide who is lying, who is blaming, what is trustworthy, what is missing... and build understanding for themselves based on evidence & reasoning. 

    Basically it's like uncovering the greatest primetime TV show drama of all time - the Human Story. My goal is that you'll leave this classroom at the end of the year, being better readers, thinkers, researchers, and communicators; having gained skills that will serve you for life!

    A little about myself:

    This is my 4th year at AUGS - GO WARRIORS! In the past, I taught 6, 7 and 8th grade Social Studies. This year, I am thrilled and honored to only teach those creative, unique, energetic thinkers they call 7th graders.

    I live in McHenry with my husband, and we love to spend our time doting on our twin baby girls, Josephine and Genevieve, (Josie and Genna for short). On a summer weekend you might find me walking in the forest preserves, hanging out at the beach, growing vegetables, cooking, fishing or traveling. On a winter weekend, (and almost everyday in between weekends) you'll find me bundled up under the blankets next to the space heater, maybe reading, if my fingers aren't too cold to turn the pages. Sometimes my husband will get me to watch football - GO BEARS! Occasionally I'll have to cook, too, because I can't go too long without hot, homemade comfort food.

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