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    Be on the lookout! 

    we are sending home some sign-up sheets this week. One is for a classroom volunteer opportunitiy to be a guest reader in the classroom for snack time. The other is for an upcoming parent involvement day on the 18th of January. Please RSVP - we would love to see you!


    Happy Holidays!!!!! 

     Have a wonderful and happy holiday break. We will see the kids back at school on Wednesday, January 2nd!!




    Holiday Season!
    The season is here where many families celebrate holidays, or have special traditions unique to their family or culture. If you would like to share anything about how your family celebrates, please let me know and I will share with our class.  


    Clothing reminder!
    Cool weather is here! Please take a minute to put your child’s name on his/her belongings (either written on the tag or on masking tape inside) so that if things fall off on the bus, in the hall, on the playground, in the bus line, etc. we can get the items back to their owners! We have many hats, pairs of gloves, etc. that look similar and without a label we don’t always know to whom the item belongs. Often if things aren't labeled, we hold them up ask ask the children if they belong to anyone. If no one claims the items, or if the wrong person mistakes them for their own, then items are lost! So if you can take a moment to label your child's belongings, it will hopefully prevent things from disappearing!

    Thanks for your help 




    Pumpkin Carving Night October 25th

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    Red Ribbon Week

    Monday- wear red

    Tuesday-wear pajamas day

    Wednesday- wear your favorite sports team clothes

    Thursday- wear sweats/workout clothes

    Friday- wear neon

    Pumpkin Fun!
    Pumpkin Farm Field Trip October 23rd 

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    Pumpkin Time!
    We are still learning all about pumpkins. If you have visited a pumpkin patch with your family, or have photos of you and your family with pumpkins you have carved, please email me some photos and I will print them to display in the classroom.  

     pumpkin vine PM vine



    This week, we will be learning all about apples! 

    During the course of this study we will be dissecting and observing apples, making applesauce, painting with apple slices, conducting a taste test of apples, and more. 
    We will also be talking about where apples come from and setting up a pretend apple orchard in the dramatic play center.

    How can you support our learning? 

    -If your family has visited an apple orchard, please email me a copy of any photos you have taken and I will display them in our dramatic play center. 

    -If you would like to make a donation of red, green, or yellow apples, we would be very grateful!

    apples  apples

    apples apples



    We are finishing our 2 week unit of study about ponds! This unit has been very popular and successful. The children have really enjoyed learning about this ecosystem and have been using a lot of our thematic vocabulary!


    PM pond visit  AM pond pond frog


    Photos Wanted!
    Hello Families. We are asking that you take some time to complete the all about me paper that was sent home. We also ask that you please send in a family photo for us to keep at school. Another option is that you can email a photo to me and I will print it for you so that you student has a picture in our family book. 

    Thanks for your help as we learn all about each other!

    A copy of the All About Me poster can be found under the Homework tab if you need another copy

     Here is mine!



    If you select the NEWSLETTER link, you should be able to view the newsletter every week which has our unit of study, upcoming events, important dates and information, and more. I will always try to keep the website up to date!







    Mrs. Davis  


     Mrs. Buxton 


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