Antioch CCSD 34 Superintendent


    Aron Borowiak

    Aron Borowiak


    Our work together requires teamwork, collaboration and shared leadership toward common mission, vision, values, and goals.  As stated in our strategic plan, our mission is to inspire a passion for learning that empowers all students to achieve personal excellence.

    Our vision: Students will achieve personal excellence when everyone demonstrates:

    • Commitment to continuous improvement
    • High expectations for academic, social, emotional and behavioral growth
    • Effective collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity
    • Ownership, responsibility and accountability for growth and development

    In Antioch CCSD 34, we value student achievement and success, excellence, strong work ethic, collaboration/teamwork, respect for all people and ideas, data-driven decisions, open communication, honesty, integrity, ethical behavior, humor, and celebration.