• Greetings,

    Welcome to fifth grade. This is my 33rd year teaching at Oakland. It was a K-5 school when I started, then a K-3 building, next a 2-5 building, and now back to K-5. I taught 3rd grade here for my first 17 years. Then, I took my entire class to 4th grade where I spent 8 years refreshing my memory of all 50 states and their capitals. I have been in 5th grade ever since. When I started working here, there was a cemetery and farm across the street and only one house north of the school. The parking lot consisted of pea gravel and dirt. All the pea gravel disappeared after the first snow plow moved across the front of the school. Teachers and staff members would lose one shoe or boot in the mud each winter. Long ago, we kept the north and south doors open for a breeze to go through the school. A goat once ran in one door and out the other chased by several staff members. The original Oakland School was located closer to the street. Under the signage in front of the school you can find the original foundation. Oakland School and I are the same age. I have served on the School District Insurance Committee since it started over 30 years ago. I have helped Mr. Sax and Mr. Cieciwa as Acting Principal in the past 4 years. I have two grown sons. My oldest son is married to a lovely gal. He graduated from the University of Illinois Springfield and works in the IT department at a medical school. My youngest son just graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and is a corporate chef. I graduated from the College of Lake County, National College of Education (now National Louis University), and I received my Master's Degree from Concordia University. I look forward to a new school year in a new classroom. This is my sixth classroom Oakland. This will be a fantastic year filled with much learning and laughter.