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    My name is Mrs. Judd, and this is my 23rd year teaching at Oakland! I am looking forward to this new school year with my students where we will spend time getting to know one another. I believe each child is special, unique, and has something incredible to bring to our classroom.


    Our district's theme this year is "Inspire to Dream" with the intent of encouraging students to dream. Oakland's theme is  "Dream Big-The Sky is the Limit. Whether dreams are big or small, they are something that can be pursued. We hope students will feel that they can use their imaginations to create a better tomorrow.


    This year's class will be called the Oakland Eagle All-Star Dream Team because I believe everyone can shine bright and we can dream together. We are a team that will be working toward achieving second-grade standards and working toward creating positive behavior and work habits that will help us grow individually as learners. We will become a class that not only works to shine but learns how to point out how others shine as well. We are stronger together! Our light shines brighter together!  

    In order to create a climate in class that will provide the most optimal atmosphere for learning, it will be important to go over the expectations to help the students respect their peers, their teachers, and the time designated for learning. The students will be involved in brainstorming ideas about what they think will help us create this climate together. We will also learn the High 5 which includes eyes watching, ears listening, brain thinking, heart caring, and hands and feet to yourself. Please talk about expectations with your child throughout the year to encourage them to make choices that will help support them as learners. Your child may need some support initially when learning these expectations, but I believe they can learn how to work together to create an effective learning environment. We will be reviewing these often throughout the year and will be reflecting on our progress.  


    Please check out the "All about Mrs. Judd" link on the left to learn more about me.


    My email address is Please use the Seesaw app to communicate to me directly. I will be checking Seesaw daily. I will send all my class communication information through that management system because it has been chosen by the district for K-2nd grade. Please join Seesaw as soon as possible. I prefer this method of communication because I receive so many emails a day, which makes it easy to miss occasionally. 


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