• Remote Learning

    Click on your grade level to find the "STEM Remote Learning Menu" for the week.



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    4th Grade 

     5th Grade

    Important Notes:

    • The menus are STEM Remote Learning choices for the whole week. Work on an activity (or activities) of your own choice, at your own pace, and complete at any time.
    • The most important thing is that students keep learning and exploring new things.
    • As we get started, submitting work in SeeSaw or Google Classroom is optional. 



    • Complete any activity (or activities) from the menu.
    • If you have other STEM related. projects, feel free to share them with classmates (and myself) in Google Classroom/See Saw.
    • For projects, use supplies that you have and ask adults for help if you are unsure.
    • If you need anything, have questions, or technical difficulties, you can contact Mr. VandenBos on SeeSaw, Google Classroom, or email (for Parents): jvandenbos@antioch34.com

    Submitting Work

    • Grades K-2 can connect with See Saw (AUTOMATIC)
    • Grades 3-5 can connect to our class through Google Classroom Codes (USE CODE BELOW)

              class codes  

    Schedule (note: K-2 grade levels = 2 half hour blocks and 3-5 = 1 full hour