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Mr. Munoz

Dear Parents,


In lue of current events, District 34 has prudently opted to close down our schools until April 6. Our administration has prompted the staff to offer E (remote) learning for all of our students. The Number Worlds curriculum focuses mainly on people to people interactions. It is for this reason, I will have to offer you an alternative, even though I rather have the face to face interactions with my students. 

First, I will set up individual accounts for all my students in Khan Academy. This will allow me to individually curtail their learning. Khan Academy offers great instructional videos as well as practice. Students should spend a minimum of 15 min on Khan Academy per day on the assignments I will assign them. These assignments will be easy to find on the home screen and the site can be accessed with any browser or by downloading the app. All student iPads already have the app downloaded and the students are familiar with the site. If your child chooses to practice beyond the assignments I am providing they can do so in Khan Academy or on the ST Math app.

I will also send notes for games you and your child can play together to make math fun at home, these games will be similar or directly taken from the Number Worlds curriculum. Materials needed for these games should be readily available at home or can be made easily (i.e. deck of cards, dice, paper, writing utensil, counters like beans, etc.)

To make all aforementioned steps possible and in an efficient manner, I have set up a Remind messaging group. You DO NOT need to download the app, or sign up online. You will only need to text using the instructions below (see picture). Your phone number will remain anonymous, no need to worry and you will get texts immediately. I will send the main contents of each message as a picture (jpeg) to prevent platform differences. If you have any questions you will be able to message me directly through this platform.




Ivan Munoz

Math Interventionist

Oakland Elementary



Please follow the instructions on the picture to get updates on assignments