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Coronavirus Message

Dear Antioch District 34 Stakeholder,


Please know that Antioch District 34 is absolutely committed to and invested in student and staff safety as its top priority.  To that end, the District has been and will continue to be proactive in its learning about, preparedness for, and response to the global Coronavirus outbreak.


It is important for us to share that last evening (March 8, 2020), we became aware that the spouse of a staff member at WC Petty had been contacted by her/his employer, sharing some important information.  The staff member's spouse was contacted and given notice that she/he MAY have been exposed to an individual with a, now, confirmed case of COVID-19.  Immediately, the Antioch District 34 staff member communicated with Administration and began observing social distancing from their spouse and volunteered to remain off campus until further information was available.


Within hours, the Antioch District 34 Building and Grounds team was mobilized to conduct a deep clean of the school, in preparation for today.  That deep clean, using recommended and approved cleaning supplies, was completed prior to students or staff arriving today.


The spouse and staff member, as of today, have been in contact with the Lake County Health Department.  Additionally, officials from Antioch School District 34 have been in communication with the Lake County Health Department, where the Department has confirmed that neither the staff member nor anyone in their home has exhibited any symptoms associated with infection.  Furthermore, given this specific situation, they advised that the staff member's risk is very low.  Although this staff member was not in the District today, a physician from the Lake County Health Department has cleared her/him to return to work.  Out of an abundance of caution, however, she/he has agreed to remain home, monitoring any potential symptoms for an additional 3-days.  At that time, returning to work will be thoroughly discussed and decided upon, ensuring that the interest of Antioch District 34 students and staff remain at the forefront.


It is imperative to know that in less than 24-hours, Antioch District 34 responded quickly, appropriately, and in a coordinated fashion.  Because this situation included personal and potential medical information of a staff member, the communication piece was very carefully considered and now it is being shared.  At no time, was our collective response in question.


Since the beginning of this global outbreak, in discussions, communications, and decisions, Antioch District 34 has been very intentional in consulting numerous sources for direction, advice, and guidance; including but not limited to, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC), Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), Lake County Health Department, Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), Lake County Regional Office of Education (ROE), Legal Council, Area Superintendents Collaborative, and Antioch District 34 Board of Education Policies and Administrative Procedures.


This is a very fluid and rapidly evolving situation across the United States and the globe, however, as information becomes available, guidance is offered, and decisions are made, Antioch District 34 commits to being transparent in its communications and protocols.  The District will continue to use its website and electronic communication capabilities to share relevant, important, and/or new information with stakeholders.


While monitoring the situation globally, nationally, and locally, the District will continue to evaluate and fortify its internal systems in prevention and response related to health, safety, and the safe continuation of academic programming.


If you have any questions, please reach out to Ellen Correl or John Correll at 847-838-8401, or at or




Antioch District 34 Administration


Precautionary Measures:

  • Antioch District 34 cleaning crews have been and will continue to routinely wipe down and spray both building areas and busses with approved chemicals that combat viruses including influenza and Coronavirus, as well as, being safe for use in areas serving students.
  • As a member of the Antioch District 34 family, we would ask all stakeholders:
    • Regularly wash your hands for 20 seconds, at least;
    • Avoid close contact with anyone that is sick;
    • Stay home when you are sick;
    • Clean your school devices and materials regularly; and
  • Continue to monitor communication from the District for updates.